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Security Office, White Bluff Resort entrance
In case of Emergency, call 911

Always expect a sincere smile and friendly wave!

White Bluff Security can be reached at 254-694-4471.   Map

The department's responsibilities include

  • Monitor gate / follow protocol for guests, contract workers and visitors into White Bluff.
  • Complete temporary "Watch Orders" on Property Owners' homes. For a period up to 90 days we will monitor your home while you are gone. We will check it up to three times a day and more if necessary.
  • Patrol and monitor all of the outside gates and all roads in White Bluff.
  • Monitor and report incidents for water leaks and utility red lights.
  • Complete quarterly safety audits on assigned amenities.
  • Perform and enforce speed control through radar.
  • Do welfare checks as requested.
  • Monitor all roads for safety hazards (dead deer, etc.).
  • Escort 911 responders to the appropriate addresses and offer assistance when requested.

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Date May 20th, 2023
Time 10:00 am
Place New Course Pavilion
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State of the White Bluff VFD

Thumbnail image of a document, the April 2022 State of the White Bluff VFD

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