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Town Hall Meeting 3/3/18

An audio recording of the Town Hall meeting held on 3/3/18 has been uploaded to the website. To hear what was discussed on a particular topic, click on this audio recording link. Depending on your system, you may be able to fast forward through the audio recording to the starting time for a particular topic, listed below.

Topic Starting Time
Introduction 00:00
Acquisition of Amenities 03:12
Opening of Amenities 25:39
Appraisal of Amenities 35:28
Litigation 39:18
2018 Budget and Financial Matters 1:04:06
Reduction of Maintenance Fees 1:23:34
Plans for 2018 and Beyond 1:36:04
Proxy Procurement, Electronic Proxies and Voting 1:43:35
Water and Sewage Rate Increases 2:05:40
Roads 2:18:07
Class Action Lawsuit 2:22:30
Other Double Diamond Developments 2:23:32
Mail Fraud Investigation 2:24:59
Property Values 2:25:35
Potpourri 2:26:24

Next Meeting

Date May 20th, 2023
Time 10:00 am
Place New Course Pavilion
Announcement & Agenda
Candidate Bios

State of the White Bluff VFD

Thumbnail image of a document, the April 2022 State of the White Bluff VFD

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