Hill County Case re. Parking Access


The POA has withdrawn its request in Hill County District Court for a TRO against Double Diamond with respect to parking for the Fourth of July celebration tomorrow night. No hearing will be held.

Double Diamond has agreed that it will not limit use of the parking area serving the Conference Center, Spa, Fitness Center and playground for the Independence Day Celebration being held at the Cascade Pool and parking lot on July 1st. This is the only authorized and permitted parking area for persons attending our event. Property owners and guests will be free to use this area without restriction.

We understand Double Diamond will limit use of The Lighthouse Restaurant parking area to patrons of the restaurant and the hotel parking area for guests of the hotel. Property owners and guests planning on attending the WBPOA Independence Day Celebration should not use or attempt to use the parking facilities at the restaurant or the hotel.

We ask everyone's cooperation.

With this issue amiably resolved, let's all look ahead to Saturday for the first ever, WBPOA Independence Day Celebration, party and street dance.


The WBPOA filed for a Temporary Restraining Order this afternoon in Hill County District Court. The TRO requests that the court prohibit Double Diamond from limiting or blocking access to public parking areas at the Lighthouse Restaurant and in and around the Conference Center, the Spa, Fitness Center and the playground area. This would be applicable to the Independence Day Celebration being held by the POA on Saturday, July 1st at the Cascade Pool and parking lot.

No date or time has yet been set for a hearing. Your Board will notify you of all details regarding a hearing.