2021 Board Nomination Letters

The following people have submitted their names as candidates for the WBPOA Board election on May 15th, 2021. Below are letters from each explaining what they would do if elected.


Leonard Critcher*, BA, MA, CLU, ChFC. CWS

I am formally declaring that I am seeking election to the WBPOA Board of Directors at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

In the last six years of service on the Board, I served as Vice President for one year and as President for five years. During this tenure I was privileged to work with outstanding Boards to accomplish historic results of unparalleled accomplishments for our property owners.

The Seven Step Plan I developed and proposed to the Board was approved and communicated to property owners and was the catalyst for beginning the process of the POA's determining its future to bring White Bluff back to where it is today and what it is to become. That plan has been carefully orchestrated but is not yet brought to full fruition. Quite simply, I wish to continue in my service so I can guide this community to the full realization of what we began.

My wife and I built our home in 1999, and we have seen “The Dream” of so many obliterated by outside forces. The Board and I stood up to these forces and were victorious in the efforts to gain full control of not only our amenities but our future. It was not an easy battle nor was what ensued after acquisition. I want to finish the mission I began six years ago and ask for your support.


James Edward (Jim) Fletcher*, Ph.D.

Dawn and I began our search for a great place to retire in 2005. We visited numerous locations in several states including Texas, and at the conclusion of these many visits, we chose White Bluff Resort as the most desirable location. We purchased our home in April 2010, and permanently moved to White Bluff in December of that year immediately following my first retirement. More than ten years later, our decision has proven to be the best choice. Each year, White Bluff has become a more desirable place for those who want to own property, recreate, and visit or live here. White Bluff is truly one of the very best places in Texas.

It has been my honor to serve you on the White Bluff Board of Directors for the past five years. As a team, members of the Board have dedicated their efforts to continuously improving White Bluff for all property owners through adopting policies for better management of finances, acquisition and renovation of the amenities that make White Bluff a very desirable place to visit and live, and continuous improvement of the operations and maintenance of those amenities.

After reviewing the candidates for the three positions on the Board that will be filled at our annual meeting in May, I would appreciate your vote if you believe I am one of the three most qualified candidates. I would welcome the opportunity to serve you as a member of the Board for the next three years. Please be assured I will devote my efforts to working with the other Board members to discuss, evaluate, and adopt policies that will guide the completion of renovations of the remaining amenities, and efficiently manage POA finances to assure efficient and effective maintenance and operation of those amenities.

Please let your voice be heard by voting for the candidates of your choice, and attend the annual meeting if possible.

Best regards,
James E. (Jim) Fletcher


Bill Houser, J.D.

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Joseph V. Manders, Jr.*, J.D.

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* Candidates endorsed by the current Board are noted with an asterisk after their names.

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