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July 14, 2022

TO: All Property Owners
FROM: WB Board of Directors
SUBJECT: Wildlife Concerns

Fellow Property Owners,

Many of you have expressed concerns regarding the lack of water to the golf courses and ponds. Please be assured our two lake pumps that move water from Lake Whitney to the supply lakes are pumping at full capacity 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The extreme heat and low humidity have drastically increased the evaporation rate from grassy areas, ponds, and lakes, thus requiring a much higher volume of water than normal years. The pumps simply cannot pump sufficient water to supply all of the needs for our common areas during these extreme conditions.

Many of you have also expressed concerns regarding the lack of water for our wildlife, which is one of the reasons many of us enjoy White Bluff. With the extremely high temperatures and the increasing shortage of water, they are under stress from heat and possible dehydration.

If you want to help make sure our local wildlife population has access to water, you can place containers in a shady area toward the back of your property and keep them filled with water. Some of the animals are quite small, so include at least one container with low sides and a shallow depth so these small animals can drink without falling into the container and possibly drowning.

With a little effort from those who enjoy the wildlife, we can better assure the population survives this extreme drought period, which is the 4th driest year over the past 128 years (see

Thank you for caring and taking action!
Your POA Board of Directors