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July 5, 2022

TO: All Property Owners
FROM: WB Board of Directors
SUBJECT: June 20th Board Work Session Minutes

Minutes of the White Bluff Property Owners Association
Conference Center – White Bluff Resort
Whitney, TX
Tuesday, June 20, 2022

Call to Order
Jim Fletcher, President of the WBPOA Board, called the meeting to order at 10:07am.

  1. Confirmation of Quorum
  2. A quorum of 7 board members was present. Board members in attendance:
    • Jim Fletcher, President
    • John Bass, Vice-President
    • Joe Manders, Secretary
    • Jeff Williams, Treasurer
    • Teal Lang (held Hepworth proxy)
    • Leonard Critcher
    • Trena Chagnon
    • Bill Finney, General Manager, did not attend
  3. Members Absent:
    • Gerry Mayer attended by telephone.
    • Mark Hepsworth was absent.

  1. Proposed changes to the ACC building packet and fee schedule – George Collins
  2. Building activity has skyrocketed here at White Bluff. New builders now require a performance bond. The ACC is not trying to make money with the building fees, but they need to be raised to keep pace with the rising costs of the approval process including inspections. The ACC assumes a building demand level of 20 new houses per year and requested an adjustment upward from $.45 per sq. ft. to $.75 per sq. ft. and evaluate it for several years. After discussion, a motion was made by Chagnon to raise the building permit fee to $.75 per sq. ft. and seconded by Bass. The motion was passed unanimously by the Board.

  3. Castle transition update – Jeff Williams and John Bass
  4. Castle will be providing organization charts and complete job descriptions for White Bluff. Castle Management will be gathering financial information for use by management. There will be profit/loss statements generated for every profit center, such as the Inn at White Bluff, Mulligans, and the pro shops. Double Diamond is current on its assessment payments. At last report, Flatiron still owes us somewhere between $125,000 to $150,000. The Castle Management phone bank is up and running. We expect the transition to be complete by end of July 2022.

  5. Request for use of White Bluff Fitness Center by WBVFD Firefighters – Hugh Corbin
  6. Hugh Corbin requested that the WB Volunteer Firefighters be allowed to use the fitness center free of charge to maintain their physical fitness and morale. Jeff Williams moved to allow firefighters only (no family members) the free use of the center. Motion was seconded by Chagnon. The motion was approved unanimously.

  7. Hotel Reservation software, occupancy rates, and group sales updates – Melanie Van Harshkamp
  8. Management hopes to switch on Quorum software this coming Thursday. The second shift person for lodging will be coming on soon. She believes the rates for log cabins and condos should be higher because more people per unit can be housed in them. The condos and cabins are normally booked Thursday through Sunday. She believes White Bluff needs to avoid rates that are too low or risk getting a bad clientele. We should also use travel websites to enhance hotel occupancy. Three weapons were left in the lodging rooms yesterday. The Board adopted a weapons security policy with the motion by Williams and seconded by Critcher. The motion was approved unanimously. Policy will apply to all amenities and common areas in the resort.

  9. Mowing along White Bluff Drive to the covered bridge – Jim Fletcher
  10. We will check with outside counsel for his opinion regarding the mowing of non-common area property at POA expense. We should also check with Chief Corbin as to what is an acceptable firebreak.

  11. Maintenance of built-out properties – Leonard Critcher
  12. We need to establish a policy for maintenance of unoccupied properties in White Bluff. The Board will discuss these maintenance requirements for these properties with the Castle Group.

  13. Discussion regarding possible town hall meetings – Jim Fletcher
  14. These meetings present an important opportunity for property owners to ask questions and express their opinions. It is a good idea to hold such a meeting in conjunction with the next open board meeting, sometime between August and September 2022.

  15. Fourth of July Weekend Saturday Celebration on July 2nd – Jim Fletcher
  16. Burgers and hot dogs will be sold by the WBVFD. Snow Cones and ice cream will be sold. There will be a disc jockey to provide music, and Kathy and Martin Koons will manage the cart parade. Festivities begin at 5:30 PM in the area of the Conference Center and Cascade Pool. A fireworks show will be provided after dark.

  17. Lake Pumps Update – Lake Pumps Committee
  18. The committee is composed of Alan Chagnon, Marshall Snyder, Jeff Williams, and Bobby Littlefield. The committee has met once and complied with what the Corps has asked. The Corps has not pressed recently on a permanent solution for removing the lake pumps from Corps property. The POA is currently pulling water 35’ above the lake level which is a big engineering challenge. We now pay for water from the Brazos River Authority on a one year contract. The committee is now investigating the drilling of deep water wells at each of the holding lakes. These wells would be in excess of 1,000 feet deep and cost up to $1 million each, plus additional cost in infrastructure. We currently pay $.20 per 1,000 gallons of brackish lake water. If such a plan could be implemented we could eliminate the reliance on brackish water from the Brazos River Authority. The committee is a long way from a final recommendation on this project. Williams is also studying the concept of private investor funding through one or more friendly lenders.

  19. Swimming Pool Security and Vandalism – Jim Fletcher
  20. Our Security Chief has identified most of the vandals who threw all of the deck furniture into the Cascade Pool. The Board should consider enforcing the prior board policy that requires 15 year old users and younger to be supervised by an adult at all pools.

  21. Discussion of Companies to Provide Temporary Web Services – Trena Chagnon and John Bass
  22. Motion made by Chagnon, seconded by Lang to contract with PK Business to provide SEO web services for $3,855 annually. PK Business will review our site and make recommendations to improve the site. Motion was withdrawn. Chagnon will revisit 214 Interactive, then bring this item back to the Board at the next work session.

  23. Discussion regarding Employment Issues – Joe Manders, Jim Fletcher, and Teal Lang
  24. The Board discussed in detail a confidential employment matter.

The Board work session was adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Joseph V. Manders
White Bluff POA Secretary