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April 6, 2022

TO: White Bluff Property Owners
FROM: Your Board of Directors
SUBJECT: Board of Directors Election

This is to notify you that Director nominee, Chris Acker, has withdrawn his name for this year’s election. He indicated that he will probably be a candidate in next year’s election. We appreciate Chris’ interest in serving as well as his investment in our community.

There are now three official candidates for three open positions- Trena Chagnon, Mark Hepworth, and Jeff Williams. It is absolutely necessary that all property owners continue to vote electronically or grant your proxy. If you vote electronically that automatically goes toward establishing a quorum.

Our By-Laws dictate that to establish a quorum 25% (approximately 1,650) of all property owners must either be in attendance at the Annual Meeting or represented by proxy. If we do not have a quorum, we cannot elect Directors for the open positions, and those unfilled positions will remain vacant until the Annual Meeting in 2023. VOTE TODAY!