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March 9, 2022

TO: All Property Owners
SUBJECT: March 26th Board Meeting - Notice & Agenda

Special Called Meeting of the White Bluff POA Board of Directors Invitees:
Members of the WBPOA

Location: Conference Center – White Bluff Resort
Date: Saturday, March 26th, 2022    10:00 AM

  1. Call to Order – Leonard Critcher, President
    1. Confirmation of a Quorum – Jim Fletcher, Secretary
  2. Open Forum
    1. Discussion of Agenda Items by attending members (Limited to 4 minutes per member and a total of 20 minutes.)
    2. Questions for the Board
  3. Ratification of Board actions previously taken via email and during Board workshops (see attached list) – Leonard Critcher
  4. Agenda/Discussion Items
    1. Financial Report – Jeff Williams, Treasurer
    2. Acquisition of Double Diamond lots – Teal Lang
    3. Roads Report – John Bass, Vice President
    4. Walkinshaw Update – Joe Manders
    5. $100 Homeowner Assessment
    6. General Manager Report – Bill Finney
    7. Replacement of Management Company

Ratifications of Actions Taken by the WBPOA
Board of Directors since the December 2021 POA Meeting

The following action items were approved by the Board of Directors via email. All email approvals are unanimous.

  • 12/9/21 – Approved a 4' house setback variance at one corner of a lot on Ash Drive.
  • 12/14/21 – Approved the purchase of an asphalt roller in the amount of $13,175.00 plus tax.
  • 12/14/21 – Approved the release of the year-end balance of $180,000 accrued in the WBVFD account, plus the amount collected from the January billing (approximately $30,700 to the WBVFD for the purchase of their new fire engine).
  • 12/31/21 – Approved the purchase of a manufactured stone sign to be installed in front of the White Bluff Inn Annex Building and the purchase of a warranty at an annual cost of $120 that includes cleaning, resealing, and repainting for a total cost of $5,277.18 including tax.
  • 1/10/22 – Approved the purchase of a manufactured stone sign to be installed in front of the White Bluff Hospitality Center at a cost not to exceed $4,000.00.
  • 1/23/22 – Approved $10,774.00 for White Bluff Marina repairs.

The following action items were approved by the Board of Directors during workshops.

1/18/22 Workshop

  • Approved an emergency capital expenditure request for two water pumps for the golf courses in an amount not to exceed $12,800.
  • Approved $9,500 for the 4th of July weekend fireworks.
  • Approved $17,300 to resurface the tennis courts.

2/4/22 Workshop

  • Passed a motion to authorize Bill Finney, Leonard Critcher, Teal Lang, and Joe Manders to conference call with Chad Robinson, the WBPOA’s attorney, to discuss options for addressing VRBO issues in White Bluff.
  • Adopted a motion to require a board member with a conflict of interest on an agenda item to recuse himself or herself from the item and to not be present in the room for any part of the discussion, nor engage the Board or any of its members in verbal or electronic communication concerning the conflicted item.

3/4/22 Workshop

  • Passed a motion to continue the $100 per homeowner per year maintenance fee dedicated to helping fund WBVFD capital expenditure needs. Individual capital expenditure requests for use of these funds must be presented to a Board subcommittee of three for review and recommendation to the full POA Board for approval.
  • Approved a motion to accept a donation of land parcels in White Bluff Resort from Double Diamond, Inc.
  • Approved the installation of a double rail fence with stone columns and concrete footers 110 feet in length on the south side of the White Bluff Inn.
  • Adopted a motion to approve the INSGROUP insurance proposal for property, general liability, automobile liability, and equipment breakdown for an annual premium of $18,319.91.
  • Approved a contract with A-1Team Bug Squad to install an insect misting system around the White Bluff Inn at a cost of $8,580 plus $707.85 tax.