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March 9, 2022

TO: All Property Owners
FROM: Bill Finney
SUBJECT: White Bluff Compliance Officer

We are pleased to announce that longtime WB Security Officer, Mary Berry, has been appointed to the position of White Bluff Compliance Officer. The growth of our community and the obvious non-adherence to the C&Rs dictated the need for a qualified and tenured person. One who is familiar with the Covenants and Rules, to work with our homeowners in maintaining the high standards and appearance of the resort. Mary’s seven years of experience at White Bluff will be invaluable.

In her role, Mary will be conducting routine inspections throughout the resort and will be personally advising those not in compliance with the C&Rs. She will maintain a log of citations and will provide follow-up, written communications. If necessary, she will also levy fines when violations are not remedied as required. We are aware that this will necessitate an effort from all of us to do what is necessary to make our resort’s appearance parallel that of a first-class facility, one that is a desirable place to visit, enjoy, or be a part of.

We expect proactive compliance from our community and ask that you immediately address the following common issues:

  • Boats parked in driveways or unapproved areas.
  • Trailers parked in driveways or unapproved areas.
  • Trash receptacles not being properly stored out of sight after trash pickup.
  • Vehicles being parked on streets.
  • Lack of maintenance of landscaping.
  • Lack of proper landscaping.
  • Adherence to leash rules.

Mary will assist us all in achieving the reality of a well-managed and maintained resort. If you have questions regarding the Covenants and Rules, please reference the website, This should and will be a joint effort of our community to make White Bluff Resort the premier destination for guests and future members of our community. Thanks in advance for being part of this very proactive effort!