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Architectural Control Committee

This committee consists of seven property owners and an independent licensed building inspector. The committee meets the first and third Wednesdays of each month at the POA Office.


  • Approves and issues building permits for new construction, any modification to home, separate garages, fences, lawn irrigation systems, retaining walls, swimming pools/spas, portable spas, septic systems, propane tank installation, driveways, and all flat work, decks, porches and patio covers, outdoor fireplaces, irrigation water wells, renewable energy systems, storm shelters, generator systems, replacement of composition roofs with metal roofing, initial landscaping, flagpoles.
  • For the safety and welfare of the property owners and the general public, the ACC has adopted Construction Rules and Regulations, a Building Code, and an Inspection System to provide minimum standards in single-family residential building at the resort
  • Ensures that the Construction Rules and Regulations conform to the White Bluff Covenants and Restrictions
  • Enforces compliance with the approved building code-International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwelling (IRCFOTFD)
  • Employs a licensed building inspector to conduct inspections in compliance with the approved Inspection System
  • Updates building packet documents
  • Approves and maintains the a list of Approved Builders within the resort
  • Approves and issues building permits
  • Issues certificates of occupancy
  • Maintains a schedule of building projects currently in progress
  • In general, ensures all homes are a value to the resort

Informational guidelines are contained in a Building Packet, which is available online or at the POA office at a cost of $10.

Current property owner representatives for this committee are George Collins (Chairman), Jerry Barnett (Vice Chairman), Dottie Redding (Secretary), Bob Kruse (Chair), Jim Duncan (Chair), Carol Criswell (Chair), and Bill Bransom (Chair).

Next Meeting

Date May 20th, 2023
Time 10:00 am
Place New Course Pavilion
Announcement & Agenda
Candidate Bios

State of the White Bluff VFD

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